• IOS Native Pro

    IOS Native Pro

    This is a first Pro line plugin. Meaning this is our finest work, we’ve put all our expertise of how to properly build a plugin for unity developer community, that we gained from being an asset store publisher and a game developer for many years. IOS Native Pro plugin gives you an ability to directly use Apple iOS and watchOS API, in order to make your application feel more natural and friendly for iOS users. Almost any App Store game has to implement In-App Purchases, Game Center, Social sharing, etc. And this is only small part of useful API and features we have in our plugin.

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  • MOBA Melee Creep

    MOBA Melee Creep

    A brave swordsman! Can be used as a melee creep in a MOBA, RTS, Tower Defense or any other top down game for that matter. Comes in Blue and Red. 2,5k triangles. Includes several animations: Idle, Run, Attack I, Attack II, Cheer, Death

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  • Dragoncopter


    A living-machine helicopter! A sharp wave of the tail helps him turn 180 degrees to get away from a frontal attack! Left and right turbines limit turns to the desired degree.

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  • Runtime Level Editor [Unity 5.x]

    Runtime Level Editor [Unity 5.x]

    Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher. RLE is a plug-in for Unity game engine which allows users to implement an “out of the box” real time level editor solution for their game.

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  • Conciliator Dragon

    Conciliator Dragon

    Unity 5.0 or higher. No one knows how the robot grew around the stealth aircraft, but the result is one mean robot! Is this a heroic defender of the realm or an attacking enemy? It`s up to you! 51,017 polygons

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  • MFPS: Multiplayer FPS

    MFPS: Multiplayer FPS

    MFPS It is a complete Multiplayer FPS kit with everything needed to start a multiplayer game, working with Photon Cloud, has many features to get you started with a very advanced and stylish base.

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  • This plugin provides easy and flexible functionality of iOS native functions which are not natively available from Unity. Including Game Center, in-app purchases & native alerts and events.
  • Save up to 20% and get Mobile cross-platform API for In-App purchasing, Achievements, Leaderboards, Advertising, Social sharing and a lot more.
  • FLE is a fast and flexible event system, built on C# delegates. It’s similar to the well known AS3 event system
  • This plugin provides the easy and flexible functionality of Windows Phone native functions. Function list will constantly grow, according to your feature request!
  • This is a small time saving utility which allows you to modify your config visually.
  • Events Pro is a fast and flexible event system, built on C# delegates. With built-in editor extension.