2D Death Traps

2D Death Traps

Price: $10
Version: 1.0
Category: 2D & Isometric Tiles

Great asset for building your ultimate death traps!
With this asset you can build the entire map...
Asset contains 38 sprites that you can combine and build your awesome level.
Only You're imagination is the limit...
This paid version contains 19 prefab animations with coliders.
1.Animated Platform
2.Bloody Axe Swing
3.Bloody Swing
4.Chain and Saw
5.Double Axe Saw Swing
6.Double Blaid Chain Swing
7.Double Mace Hammer
8.Double Mace Swing
9.Double Saw Platform
11.Hammer Swing
12.Large Blade Swing
13.Mace On Chain
14.Moving Saw Platform
16.Saw Bloody
17.Saw Swing
18.Spikes Ground
19.Wooden Swing Base

Just drag and Drop! Crazy fast level building! Enjoy New Art and new animations are on the way;) 

Check out how to use this asset on Youtube here.

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