2D Death Traps ICE

2D Death Traps ICE

Price: $10
Version: 1.0
Category: 2D & Isometric Tiles

Second in the "DEATH TRAPS" series, we bring you "Death Traps Ice". 

This time we bring you an Icy version of the Death Traps.


  • Sprite sheet with awesome 36 individual sprites, that you can combine in countless ways.
  • Great for building levels for any kind of platformer games, you can combine with other "Death traps" themes for making different "worlds" in your game.
  • We have added one more sprite sheet with 2 animated teleport platforms.
  • We have made 22 great animations with new traps and animations to boost the look of your traps. 

In the future we are planing to make more "Death Trap" Themes, we have egypt ready and the art looks amazing. We cant wait to publish it after we make some animations for you. 

We are planing to make Aztec, and a Space Theme with laser traps,etc... 
Check out how to use this asset on *Youtube*.

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