2D Platformer Art Pack

2D Platformer Art Pack

Price: $20
Version: 1.1
Category: 2D & Isometric Tiles

This Pack is perfect for any platformer or endless runner. 

New updated version contains over 250 sprites in 14 sprite sheets!!! 

  • 25 Already finished platform sprites with edge coliders
  • 27 Cloud sprites
  • 6 Backgrounds
  • 1 Hollow trunk sprite
  • 1 Spikes sprite
  • 1 Animated coin

Update 1.1 Released!!!!

Added over 200 sprites in 10 sprite sheets!!!!!
New Trees, lands and many bushes and plants!
Build your own platforms with countless combinations of sprites!
You can find all the new sprites in the update folder. 
Check out how to use this asset on *Youtube*

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