How to use

AdColony PlayMaker actions gives you an opportunity to add AdColony video Advertising in your game with just a few actions.

Additional information you can find in AdColony Unity SDK GitHub repository and official AdColony Ads Documentation.

Starting your work

Start your AdColony Ads intergation with wetup your AdColony account.

Press '+ Setup New App' button to create new App. Next you have to select platform for your App (for now iOS, Android and Amazon available).

Also you have to select specific store for your App and customize Ads for your App (Select the ad types you would like to allow in this app).

After your App created, you get AdColony App ID. This ID using in Play Maker actions for Adcolony.

You can find you AdColony App ID by selecting your App in AdColony Dashboard on the Apps tab as shown on screenshot below.

Another one important setting for AdColony Ads is Advertising Zones.

It's great opportunity to group your Ads by specific Ad Zones.

You can find Ad Zones for your App on the bottom of your App page.

Get AdZone settings by clicking on specific AdZone in this list.

On AdZone settings page you can find Zone ID. Zone ID you have to use in Play Maker actions to show AdColony Ads for specific Zone.

Important: On the bottom of AdZone settings page you can select Test or Real is Ads for this zone.

If you are developing and testing your App, you should select Show test ads only (for dev or debug)? ->  Yes for certain Zone.

You have to select Show test ads only (for dev or debug)? -> No when you App released.

Settings of your AdColony App is finished for now. It's time to setup PlayMaker actions.


Setup PlayMaker actions

To Init AdColony Ads into your project you have to add AC_InitAdAction on the start of your App.

AC_InitAdAction has following parameters:

  • App Version. Actually it version of your App. Feel free to provide this parameter for PlayMaker action.
  • App ID. Your AdColony App ID from your Dashboard.
  • Zone ID. It's an AdColony zone id.  You need at least one and you can have multiple Zone ID's separated by commas.



When AdColony was inited with start of your Application, you have to check is video ad available.

AC_CheckAdReady has next parameters:

  • Zone ID.  AdColony zone id. You need at least one and you can have multiple Zone ID's separated by commas.

You have two Events of this action:

  • Success Event. If the video ad for certain zone\zones is available.
  • Fail Event. If there is NO video ad available for listed zones.



AC_ShowAd for actually show video advertising.


  • Zone ID. AdColony zone id.  You need at least one and you can have multiple zone id's separated by commas.


  • VideoShown Event. This event will be fired, when video ads was shown for user successfully.
  • VideoNotShown Event. Video was NOT shown for user. Most likely it was caused by error. You should investigate your application log.



Implemented sample of using these actions you can find on ActionPreview scene.

You can build this project with ActionPreview scene included and test AdColony Video Ads on your device.

Feel free to use it as an example in your own project.



The main action your Apps will need is AC_ShowAd.  For example, just use AC_ShowAd, when starting a new game or a new level.  AdColony may or may not pause your game and show a video - it depends on whether an ad is available.

AdColony only works on iOS and Android devices. Calls to AdColony made from a program running in the Unity editor will have no effect.