16 Nov 2015
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- legacy GUILayer components replaced with uGUI components
- new Advanced Settings section with Sorting Order setting
- new Scale Factor setting at the Look & Feel section
- GameObject's UI Layer is now default, but not a requirement
- pixel-perfect positioning for all counters
- fixed numerous typos in code, strings, docs, tooltips
- Advanced FPS Counter component placed to the Component > Code Stage menu
- cleaned Component menu from unnecessary components
- improvements in editor code
- numerous changes in API names, refer to updated API docs
- inspector looks a little bit nicer now
- code looks a little bit nicer now
- project updated to the Unity 4.6.1
- other minor fixes in docs
15 May 2015
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- fixed exception when switching from initial background or disabled to normal operation mode
- fixed exception when trying to enable initially disabled DeviceInfo in Background operation mode
- removed some unnecessary code
- fixed initialization, now AFPSCounter should be fully configurable at Start() MonoBehaviour phase

- added new MinMax FPS prewarm delay to let you skip any initialization hiccups of the game
- added currentFPSLevel property to let you easily get current FPS level (normal, warning, critical)
- added onFPSLevelChange Action to let you react on FPS level change
- fixed extra empty line in DeviceInfo counter if Unity can't detect RAM amount
- Advanced FPS Counter Game Object creation in Editor now can be undone
- Advanced FPS Counter Game Object now automatically selected after creation
- minor refactorings
- minor fixes in example scene
- fixes in readme

14 Feb 2015
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- added optional Milliseconds output for FPS counter (turned on by default)
- added new anchors: UpperCenter and LowerCenter
- added approximate fillrate to the DeviceInfoCounter's GPU output
- added graphics API to the DeviceInfoCounter's GPU output
- added VeraMono monospace font (free for commercial use) and assigned it by default in prefab
- memory counter's precise mode output optimizations
- minor optimization in fps calculation code
- few additions and fixes in the readme
- other minor changes