Alien Dog

Alien Dog

Price: $20
Version: 1.0
Category: Characters

Requires Unity 3.5.6 or higher.

A menacing alien dog, heavily inspired by the "biological" races of various sci-fi universes. The dog has 1678 faces, and uses one 1024*1024 diffuse texture (3 variations in the pack). It has a custom skeleton that uses ~30 bones. It has 14 animations. Check out the webplayer demo for them! 


Animations are: idle, run2leg, run4leg, attack1-5, hit1-2, die1-2, roar, idleSpecial(look around).

Please note that while the scene is also included, the product itself is the model, textures and animations. 

Similar style creature:Worm Creature 

Any questions? Need source files or more animations? Contact me at


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