Setup In Developer Console

  1. Create new account at Amazon Developer Console if you have not registered previously.

  2. To implement in-apps in your application you should create new amazon application in and pass some info to the plugin. See instructions below how to set up and run billing example scene.

  3. Create new Application in DashBoard:

  4. Choose platform of your application. You need to choose Android platform:

  5. Fill in all fields when creating an application. After these manipulations We have an existing application.

  6. You need to fill in all tabs in your application, so that it satisfies all requirements of Amazon's Developer Console:

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Signing and Uploading apk with Unity

To be able to use Amazon API, like GameCircle, InApp purchases or Ads you should upload your apk file to the developer console. Apk must be signed with your keystore and alias.

You need to choose your bundle Identifier.

A bundle Id otherwise known as a package_name in Android is the unique identifier for all Android apps. It needs to be unique as when you upload it on Amazon Store.

Here is an example -  com.example.testapp.

Note: You can't set white spaces or special characters to it!

Where example is generally the company/publishers name, and testapp is the app name.

Note: You will not be able to upload an APK to the store which has the same package as another app already in the store.

When your bundle Id will be ready, you need to add it to Unity Application settings.

Press build button for building your signed apk file.

Note: You should have latest version of the Android SDK on your computer, to make Unity able build apk file.

After signed apk is created you can upload it to the Amazon App Dev Console.

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Choose Binary files than upload your apk.