Game Circle Set up

Before you begin

  • You should have your Android development environment set up.

  • You should have a physical device running Android 2.3  or higher for testing.


Check / Download all necessary files and prepare your device


if you did not install in advance in the Billing Setup, please click on the link and follow the installation having from 1 to 8 inclusive item.


Set up the game in the Developer Console

The Amazon App Developer Console is where you manage game services for your game, and configure metadata for authorizing and authenticating your game.

Now select GameCircle and click Add New Configuration:



Select your app from the proposed connection with GameCircle:



   After you fill out all fields in this step, click Save And Continue. Go to the API Keys. To incorporate Amazon GameCircle in your game, generate an API key for each binary version of your game. Choose Android platform:




Select any appropriate name for the API Key Name, Package name and Signature. Сlicking on the question mark tells you how must look package name. Select a platform to generate the API key. It is very important that you comply with the points and the sequence. How to obtain a Signature you must go to the link. In the future, the API KEY will be needed to link our project with Amazon




After successfully obtaining the API KEY, click Continue and proceed to the creation of our achievements and leaderboards. Worth noting is the fact that you must fill in all fields to add all the icons, follow all installation is very delicate moment. After successfully creation Achievements & Leaderboards clicking on Continue.

Last step. To test unpublished leaderboards and achievements for your game, create test accounts here by adding Amazon GameCircle nicknames to the list below. You can clear leaderboard scores and achievement progress for a test account at any time. And click Finish. That`s all.


Modify your code

To run the game, you need to configure AndroidManifest, you needed to change 2 fields:

<manifest xmlns:android="" android:installLocation="preferExternal" package="YOUR_BUNDLE_ID" android:versionName="2.0" android:versionCode="2">

<data android:scheme="amzn" android:host="YOUR_BUNDLE_ID" />

Paste you API_KEY to api_key.txt is inside your Assets/Plugins/Android/assets.