Plugin set up

Plugin may require some small set up action in order to compile in your device with no issue. From the start plugin doesn't have any functionality. Plugin settings will be opened automatically in the Inspector view. If for some reason it wasn’t opened after you imported the plugin, go to:

Window → Stan's Assets -> Amazon Native → Edit Settings

At the moment plugins has 5 sectors:

  • General options
  • GameCircle
  • InApp purchases
  • Advertising
  • Editor testing(soon)

General options includes default information about the plugin. Also you can load Example Settings or remove Amazon Libraries.

Now you must decide what functionality of the plugin do you want to use in your project.

As example, We want to add InApp purchases in our project. You need to open appropriate sector and hit on combobox, then choose Enabled. You will be prompted to download the appropriate library.

Then you must import this library in the project. The final step is hit on combobox in the plugin settings and choose Enabled.

Now you can use our example scene and build it at your real device.

Setup in Xcode

Note: This plugin doesn't work on iOS. This setup created for compiling without errors in Xcode. However, if for some reason post process is failed on your machine you can do this manually.

Amazon Billing - no need any framework.
Amazon Gamecircle

  • AdSuport.framework
  • libz.1.2.8.tbd
  • libsqlite3.tbd
  • SystemConfiguration.framework

Amazon Ads

  • SafariServices.framework
  • CoreTelephony.framework
  • EventKit
  • EventKitUI
  • AdSuport.framework
  • SystemConfiguration.framework

Then you must to add AmazonAd.framework.

You need to download and add it to your project manually. You can get latest Amazon SDK from the Downloads Pages. You need to download iOS SDK. After SDK is downloaded, unzip, drag and drop AmazonAd.framework in your Xcode project in the root folder. Then need to enable check copy items if needed.


That's all.