XCode Errors

This article describes what you should to do if you have got 2 issues during build on iOS.

Note: Our plugin doesn't contain API realization under iOS platform. We provide information how to build your project without any errors.

1. You can get issue relates with duplicate files.  Here is an example of the error(there may be more).

/ProjectPath/Libraries/Plugins/iOS/libGameCircleUnityProxy.a(AIAmazonLogger.o) /ProjectPath/Libraries/Plugins/iOS/AmazonInsightsSDK.a(AIAmazonLogger.o)

Find AmazonInsightsSDK.a in your project by path: Assets/Plugins/iOS and remove it.

2. Error relates with enabled or disabled bitcode.

To disable/enable bitcode in your project, follow these steps:

  • In the project build settings, make sure you have enabled All settings to be visible.

  • The Build Options -> select Yes or No for the choosing bitcode option.