Achievement / Leaderboards Cache update.

ISSUE: The achievement or leaderboard was updated, and the update event fired, but the local cache in the app was not updated.

Point is that android Achievement Update event “UpdateAchievementResult” Does not contain any info about updated achievement, except achievement id.

So plugin will request cache update and achievements data stored in GooglePlayManager.instance.achievements will be updated in the next frame with ACHIEVEMENTS_LOADED event fired  after you will get ACHIEVEMENT_UPDATED event.

The same with Leaderboards and Google Play SubmitScoreResult contains only scores that were submitted, and not the current player leaderboard score. Plugin will request cache update for ALL_TIME scope and GLOBAL collection.  If you need request update for another scope or collection you may use GooglePlayManager.instance.loadPlayerCenteredScores(LEADERBOARD_ID, span, collection, 1);

GooglePlayManager.instance.leaderBoards will be updated in few seconds with SCORE_REQUEST_RECEIVED event fired after you will get SCORE_SUBMITED event.