Android Native with Chartboost

  1. At First, you need to download the latest version of ChartBoost from developers portal.

  2. Log in or if you do not have an account, create it here.

  3. Create a new app -> link.

  4. Now in your project/game install the latest version of Android Native and save it.

  5. Create a new project.

  6. Integrate the chartboost plugin into this new project. Enter the app id and app signature in ChartBoost -> Edit settings. Save it.

  7. Now copy the Chartboost folder from this new project. Also, copy the Chartboost SDK Folder which is present under Plugin/Android. Paste these two folders into a new folder on your computer.

  8. Open your original project/game. Copy the ChartBoost folder into Assets and copy the Chartboost SDK folder under Plugin/Android.

  9. Delete the google-play-services.jar lib file which is extra to the resources, otherwise Chartboost would not work properly.