Application Information

Here is an example how we can get information about current application

//listening for the event
AndroidAppInfoLoader.instance.addEventListener (AndroidAppInfoLoader.PACKAGE_INFO_LOADED, OnPackageInfoLoaded);

//start retriving request
AndroidAppInfoLoader.instance.LoadPackageInfo ();

//On Request complete reading package info

private void OnPackageInfoLoaded() {
    AndroidAppInfoLoader.instance.removeEventListener (AndroidAppInfoLoader.PACKAGE_INFO_LOADED, OnPackageInfoLoaded);

    string msg;
    msg += AndroidAppInfoLoader.instance.PacakgeInfo.packageName + "\n";
    AndroidNative.showMessage("App Info Loaded", msg);



The PackageInfo calls contain following information:

public string versionName;
public string versionCode;
public string packageName;
public string sharedUserId;
public string sharedUserLabel;
public long lastUpdateTime;


API use example can be founded under the script.