Can I cut plugin functionality?

Some developers wish to keep their project as clean as possible and do not want to keep unused assets or code in the project.

And that is a common question how to remove some of the plugin parts. I am developing plugins as one complete project, so I can not give straight forward instructions how to delete some features. Besides I would not recommend doing that. Cutting few scripts from the project will save you couple of bytes, but you will lose useful feature with you will probably want to use in the future and you also may harm the whole plugin by doing this.


But actually there is a reason to cut Facebook part if you are not using this. Because it uses  Unity Official Facebook Plugins, with will add around 5MB to your final build.

In latest version you can do this quiate simple.

Simply go to plugins settings and press the remove Facebook SDK button.



Or you can simply remove following folders and files:

  • Assets/Facebook
  • Plugins/Android/facebook
  • Assets/Extensions/GooglePlayCommon/Social/Facebook
  • Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/xExample/Scripts/Social/FacebookAndroidUseExample.cs


Starting from version 4.9, you can also choose plugin API with till be included in the build using the plugin editor settings:



Starting from v 5.0 you can now manage all plugin APIs:

You can get event infprmation about API managment in the Manifest Requirements artilce.


If you still want  to cut other feature, that you can do this at your own risk, Full plugins source is opened including eclipse project. You can learn how to compile Android Native libraries with this article.