Google Ad With Playmaker

Make sure you read the Google Mobile Ad Guide section first.

With Google Ad you can use two types of ad interstitial and banners. But first of all, you need to init google ad using the AN_InitGoogleAd action.


1. Interstitial

There are two ways to use interstitial.

  • AN_StartInterstisialAd action. Will start Ad load request and as soon the ad is loaded, it will show the interstitial ad.

  • Use AN_LoadInterstisialAd to load the Ad content. SuccessEvent will be fired if content was loaded successfully and failEvent if not. After content has been successfully loaded,  you may use AN_ShowInterstisialAd action to show the ad.

You should use one of those approaches every time you want to show the interstitial ad.


2. Banners

1) Сreate ad banner using AN_CreateBanner action. If the banner is successfully created, SuccessEvent will be fired and  FailEvent if creation failed.

Do not fill the bannerId section. It will be filled after a banner is created. Store this id. It will be used to control creation banner with following playmaker  actions

  • AN_HideBanner - will hide the banner

  • AN_ShowBanner - will show the banner

  • AN_RefreshBanner - will refresh the banner

  • AN_DestroyBanner - will destroy the banner