Google Play Lib Conflicts

Some unity plugins (like Heyzap for example) require google play lib service to be imported into the project while with Android Native you already included your own version of google play service lib. so which one should I use in this case?

Our position is pretty simple here.

1) You can always find out play service lib version that was shipped with the plugin with the editor settings window:

2) Android Native always comes with the latest version of the play service lib.

So in case you have few plugins in your project with the google play lib requirement, our recommendation - always use latest available google play service lib version. You can download latest version from Android SDK, or just pick choose between few  google play libs already imported in your project and pick latest one.

In case play service lib version in your project is older than specified in the plugin's settings it may cause issues, since older version may not have latest google play feature. But simple things like connection, friends, leaderboards and achievements will work anyway.

In case play service lib version in your project is newer than specified in the plugin's settings, you will not have any issues at all.