I am getting build error

If your exception looks similar to this:

Error building Player: Win32Exception: ApplicationName='C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javac.exe', CommandLine='-bootclasspath "C:/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platforms/android-19\android.jar" -d "C:\Company\Games\AdTesting\AdSense2\Temp\StagingArea\bin\classes" -source 1.6 -target 1.6 -encoding ascii "com\facebook\android\Manifest.java" "com\facebook\android\R.java" "com\SplitArrowStudios\AdSense2\Manifest.java" "com\SplitArrowStudios\AdSense2\R.java"', CurrentDirectory='C:\Company\Games\AdTesting\AdSense2\Temp\StagingArea\gen'


That is the common problem with Unity Official Facebook SDK (which is a part of my compatibility platform)

So, basically you have 2 options to fix it:

1) Instal 32 bit java.


1) Remove Facebook plugin part. You can find out here how to do this.


Error building Player: Win32Exception: ApplicationName='C:/Users/Chris/AndroidSDK/adt-20140702/sdk\tools\zipalign.exe', CommandLine='4 "C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Unity Projects\PROJECTS\Sniper\Temp/StagingArea/Package_unaligned.apk" "C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Unity Projects\PROJECTS\Sniper\Temp/StagingArea/Package.apk"', CurrentDirectory='Temp/StagingArea'


This is also known issue with Unity android build. You can solve it using steps below.

  1. Find your copy of the Android SDK in explorer
  2. Go to build-tools and choose a version (e.g.build-tools\19.1.0)
  3. Copy zipalign.exe
  4. Come back out of build-tools
  5. Go into tools
  6. Paste zipalign.exe