08 Jan 2016
32.43 MB

Turn-Based Multiplayer APIs update
Compatibility update

25 Dec 2015
32.43 MB

New Features:
Push/Local Notification's Small & Large Icons setup added to Android Native Settings
Big Picture style added for Push and Local Notifications

Unity v5.3 compatibility update

Twitter OAuth Posting NPE fix

07 Dec 2015
32.41 MB

New Features:
Facebook SDK v7.x support added!
Runtime Permissions.
Google Play Services update to 8298000 version
Start third-party Application with Extras API

All resources from Plugins\Android\res should be moved to Plugins\Android\AN_Res\res

Return Google Play Connection Result fix

CallPermissionCheck and RevokePermission(FBPermission permission) APIs added to SPFacebook
GP_Quest has new fields: RewardData, CurrentProgress and TargetProgress

09 Nov 2015
53.01 MB

New Features:
New Android Native Settings Editor

GoogleProductTemplate now has LocalizedPrice filed, PriceAmountMicros filed now long type and Price filed is float

Facebook SDK remove fix
Soomla Grow support added

18 Oct 2015
52.44 MB

New Features:
Google Play Services update to 8115000 version
Inevitable friends loading from Facebook
FacebookUserInfo Birthday property added

Load Saved Games Snapshots List fix
Saved Games Sample fix

All SP_Facebook callback that was using FBResult not use the FB_APIResult. First migration step to v7 API

20 Sep 2015
45.27 MB

New Features:
Google+ Plus sharing new features
Real-Time Multiplayer Messages Sent Callbacks added
Ad Banner support Pause and Resume while application pause

OnImagePicked events fix
Google Play Connection events fix
In-App Purchase time available after consume fix

Google Play Leaderboards implementation
Compatibility update

10 Aug 2015
45.29 MB

Facebook connection fix
Twitter connection fix
License Checking fix for Android Lollipop target platform (API 21 or higher)
GP_SnapshotMeta TotalPlayedTime loading fix

New Features:
Remove Plugin option added
Facebook post message in background
Image JPG/PNG Format option added to Camera and Gallery API

01 Jul 2015
45.39 MB

Google+ Sharing fix. AndroidSocialGate.StartShareIntent is deprecated for now, use AndroidSocialGate.StartGooglePlusShare instead
Real-Time Multiplayer connection lost after Application Pause
Load Image from Gallery scale to Max Allowed Size fix
Show Waiting Room UI bug fix
Camera image capture fail event fixed

New Features:
Leaderboards submitScoreImmediate added
Google Play Real-Time Multiplayer FindMatch has new availability to create a room with the invited players only
'Replace old norification with new one' option added to Push Notifications Settings
GooglePlaySavedGamesManager has options to show 'Add Button' and 'Delete' overflow menu option in Saved Games native UI
Device applications list API. Read more:
Network Info API. Read more:
Settings Page API. Read more:

22 Apr 2015
45.38 MB

New features: Google Play Services updated to 7571000 New Achievement API - setStepsImmediate Create Turn-Based Multiplayer Match with explicit Friends IDs Fixes: clearDefaultAccount API replaced with clearDefaultAccountAndReconnect (reason - API Deprecated)

07 Apr 2015
44.56 MB

New features: Google Play Services updated to 7327000 Now, if you need to use text sharing only, SD cart permission will not be added Fixes: 'bimagechooser' folder is removed for now Remove Camera image from Gallery after transfering to Unity options added The IsPurductPurchased method now also check for puchase status (canseled, refunded)

24 Mar 2015
43.95 MB

New features:
Twitter OAuth toknes now avaliable directly in Unity Read more:
Google Play Services updated to 7095000
Android 5.0 startLockTask/stopLockTask API added

Google Play connection hot fix

15 Mar 2015
42.17 MB

New Features:
FBScore class now can load score holder profile image. Read more:
FB Invite Friends API added. Read more:

05 Mar 2015
42.74 MB

New Features:
GoogleCloudMessageService.instance.RemoveLastMessageInfo() added

Google Play TMB issue
Unity 5 compatibility issues

24 Feb 2015
42.53 MB

New Feature:
Google Play Show connecting popup checkbox added
GooglePlayRTM.instance.FindMatch variant param added
Turn-Based multiplayer.  Read more:

com.example.gcm.permission.C2D_MESSAGE permission forse remove added
Google Play Notifications display fixed
Immersive mode re-enabled after keyboard is fixed

GooglePlayManager.ActionSoreSubmited -> GooglePlayManager.ActionScoreSubmited

In-App Purchasing with Playmaker. Read more:
AN_BillingEventsListener action added
BillingWithPlaymakerExample scene added

13 Feb 2015
40.93 MB

Android Native does not overrides main activity anymore

Score submitting when not internet connection available  fixed.
Custom Leaderboard UI scene fixed
GooglePlayManager.ActionOAuthTokenLoaded action fixed

SaveImageToGalalry -> SaveImageToGallery

01 Feb 2015
41.27 MB

Billing API does not requires main activity anymore 

31 Jan 2015
41.27 MB


  • Package Details API does not requires main activity anymore


  • Billing issue connected with Android L fixed 
19 Jan 2015
41.27 MB


  • GP_Partisipant class updated, new properties added
  • Play Service Editor UI Updated


  • Immersive mode enabling without main activity bug fixed
  • Local notifications display bug fixed
  • LocalNotificationTemplate splitter changed 
  • Warning: This will break compatibility with notifications created with previous version.
  • getToken(String accountName, String scope) method fixed
  • Facebook Game Gifting API. Reade more
  • Facebook Turn Based Notifications: Read more
27 Dec 2014
40.08 MB


  • Time and originalJson properties of GooglePurchaseTemplate not available after inventory retrieved 
  • GoogleProductTemplate - originalJson property added

Following API now does not require main activity 

  • Local Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Native Sharing

New Features:


  • More spelling fixes
  • Minor API Fixes


  • Facebook SDK updated to v 6.1 beta
30 Nov 2014
34.13 MB

New Features:

  • Immersive mode does not requires main activity anymore
  • Popup now use Holo Android theme
  • App Licensing, read more.


  • Purchase method now accept developer payload as additional parameter.
  • Original JSON filed now available with consume Response

Saved Games:

  • CreateNewSnapshot - PlayedTime param added
  • GP_SnapshotMeta - TotalPlayedTime filed added
  • ActionGameSaved - Action Added
  • Snapshot Saving issue fixed


  • Local notification template saving with UTF8 fixed
  • Local notification template loading fixed
  • Auto reconnect not starting anymore if user has signed out suing external play service UI.
  • AchievementBuffer leak fixed
  • Analytics Start Tracking function fixed
  • Facebook re auth bug fixed
  • Receiving Push Notification when app is closed bug fixed
  • GoogleGender constant values fixed


Google Play Manager methods name conventions fixed

Spelling Fixes:

  • Tocken => Token
  • Loeaded => Loaded
  • Achivment => Achievement
  • Retrive => Retrieve
  • Avaliable => Available
  • SpanShot => Snapshot

GooglePlaySavedGmaesManager => GooglePlaySavedGamesManager
Note: please remove old GooglePlaySavedGmaesManager manually 

NotoficationsExample -> NotificationsExample
Note: please remove old NotoficationsExample manually 

GoogleGenger -> GoogleGender 
Note: please remove old GoogleGenger manually 

19 Nov 2014
33.83 MB

New Features:

  • Google+ button API added
  • Google Saved Games API new methods:
    • LoadAvaliableSavedGames()
    • LoadSpanShotByName(string)
  • Links to online documentation added
  • Auto manifest generation. Read more.
  • Instagram API added Read more:


  • Google Ad LoadInterstisial methods fixe
  • Google Analytics v4 bugs fixed 
  • Quest manager fixed
  • Event manager fixed
03 Nov 2014
33.74 MB

New Features:

  • Google Play Saved Games API.
  •  Google Analytics API migrated to v4
  • Ability to enable / disable separate APIs
  • Editor Setting improvements


  • Android native jar spliced, now you can choose API to include in your project.
21 Oct 2014
30.44 MB


  • Playmaker Action compilation fix
  • Notifications Manager minor fix
  • Editor setting version parsing fixed
18 Oct 2014
30.47 MB

New Features:

  • Google Play API
  • Native Popups API
  •  In-App Purchasing API: C# Actions added, now you can choose between using C# Actions or FL event system


  • Flash Like event system now use own namespace: UnionAssets.FLE


  • Google Play SDK updated to v 6111000


  • Twitter profile background loaded bug fixed
  • Max photo size limit fixed
  • In apps Fail event fixed


15 Oct 2014
27.3 MB

New Plus API methods:


Ad Mob:

API now supports C# Action

New PlayMaker Actions:

  • AN_ISProductPurchased
  • AN_ClearDefaultAcc
  • AN_CancelAllLocalNotifications
  • AN_CancelLocalNotification
  • AN_ScheduleLocalNotification
  • AN_ShowToastNotification


Post Proces Script improved

21 Sep 2014
29.5 MB

New Features:

  • Build Post Processing added
  • AndroidNativeUtility.instance.RunPackage(string packageName);
  • AndroidNativeUtility.instance.CheckIsPackageInstalled(string packageName);
  • SPFacebook C# Actions Added
  • AndroidTwitterManager C# Actions Added
  • Google Play Leaderboards not accept and return long instead int

Saving To Gallery:

  • You now can specify gallery folder for your game
  • SaveImageToGalalry - image name param added
  • SaveScreenshotToGallery - image name param added
  • OnImageSaved Event / Action added + you can retrieve image Url

Local Notifications:

  • Notifications Id Factory added
  • Ability To cancel all notifications
  • Ability to get pending notifications list
  • Now you can find out notification id, which was used to launch the app

New PlayMaker Actions:

  • AN_RunAp


  • Gallery Refresh After Photo added fixes
06 Sep 2014
29.36 MB


  • Documentations updated
  • New Play Maker Actions added
  • Native Pop ups now can be dismissed by back button
  • AndroidNotificationManager API changed
  • ScheduleLocalNotification(string title, string message, int seconds) to ScheduleLocalNotification(string title, string message, int seconds, int id)
  • CanselLocalNotification(string title, string message) to CanselLocalNotification(int id)

New Features:

  • currentAccount getter added
  • ResetAllAchievements() method added
  • UpdatePlayerScore(leaderboardId, span, collection) method added
  • SCORE_UPDATED event added


  • Now if external storage not available - Local app Cache + FileProvider will be used to share images.


  • Action OnContactsLoadedAction added

Minor Settings Editor Improvements


  • Adding FB default Scopes fixed
  • resetAchievement fixed
  • resetLeaderBoard fixed


  • GooglePlayManager.SCORE_REQUEST_RECEIVED -> GooglePlayManager.SCORE_UPDATED
25 Aug 2014
29.3 MB

New Features:


  • Player service version updated to 5089000
  • Quest And Events API added


  • Unity Facebook SDK updated to 6.0.0
  1. SPFacebook.instance.Pay method added
  2. Metrics API Added.

SPFacebookAnalytics methods:

  • ActivateApp
  • AchievedLevel
  • Rated
  • UnlockedAchievement
  • CompletedRegistration
  • CompletedTutorial
  • AddedPaymentInfo
  • Purchased
  • AddedToCart
  • AddedToWishlist
  • InitiatedCheckout
  • Searched
  • SpentCredits
  • ViewedContent


  • AN_Share now contains texture


  • Play service reconnect fixed
  • Plugin update scripts fixed
  • Loading player icon image fixed



09 Aug 2014
25.37 MB

New Features:

  • Editor settings improved
  • Simple JS use example added. UseAPIFromJSExample scene.
  • CustomLeaderborUIExample example scene updated
  • CustomLeaderborUIExample_old example scene removed
  • AndroidSocialGate.SendMail function now can work with multiple recepients

New Play Maker Actions:

  • AN_GetImageFromCamera
  • AN_GetImageFromGallery
  • AN_SaveImageToGalalry
  • AN_SaveScreenshotToGallery
  • AN_RetriveProductInfo
  • AN_PlayServiceDisconnect
  • AN_PlayServiceInit -> Renamed to AN_PlayServiceConnect


  • GooglePlayManager: GetAchievementd -> GetAchievement


  • Fixed exception when loading empty state from google cloud
  • WP8 Build issues caused by RTM_Game_Example fixed
26 Jul 2014
25.26 MB

New Features:

  • RTM multiplayer added
  • Twitter Application-only API added
  • Facebook Leaderboards API added
  • Facebook Likes API added
  • AndroidSocialGate SendMail method added
  • AndroidNotificationManager CanselLocalNotification method added
  • Billing Example Scene improved

Play Service new features:

GooglePlayConnection.instance.connect (accountName); GooglePlayManager.instance.LoadTocken(); GooglePlayManager.instance.LoadTocken(accountName, scopes); GooglePlayManager.instance.InvalidateToken(token); GooglePlayManager.instance.RetriveDeviceGoogleAccounts(); GooglePlayManager.instance.resetAchievement(achievementId); GooglePlayManager.instance.resetLeaderBoard(leaderboardId);


  • showAchivmentsUI - > showAchievementsUI
  • New PlayMaker actions


  • Twitter Auth Fixed
  • Play Service auth bug fixed when no Play Service avaliable on device
  • Play Service Example scene (Submit Score button) fixed
01 Jul 2014
25.03 MB

New Features:

  • Google Play Gifts Implemented
  • AndroidNativeUtility.OpenAppRatingPage(url) - added


  • SetBannerPosition(int x, int y);
  • SetBannerPosition(TextAnchor anchor);


  • AddTestDevices(params string[] ids);


  • AndroidGoogleAnalytics.instance.SetLogLevel -> now takes GPLogLevel as parameter


  • Test Ad Fixed
  • Minor Spelling fixes

Code Refactor:

  • GooglePlayResponceCode -> GP_GamesStatusCodes
  • GooglePlayResponceCode -> GP_ConnectionResultCode
  • Singleton -> SA_Singleton

New Classes:

  • GP_AppStateStatusCodes
  • AdroidActivityResultCodes


  • Assets/Plugins/Android - > Assets/StansAssets/Plugins/Android



17 Jun 2014
24.69 MB

New Features:

  • Package Info Load API
  • PlayMaker Actions Updated
  • AndroidInAppPurchaseManager, state flags added


  • GooglePurchaseTemplate, originalJson retrieval fixed.
  • Manifest comment more clear now
  • Leade-board Custom GUI

Code Refactor:


  • Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Other/Twitter
  • All Scene under xExample/Scenes Moved to corresponding folder
  • only Preview Scene should be under xExample/Scenes



06 Jun 2014
24.48 MB

Code Refactor:

  • Singletone - > Singleton


  • GPLeaderboard class - more functions added
  • Documentation Update


  • Methods spelling fixes
02 Jun 2014
21.13 MB

New Features:

  • Google Ad IAP listener added
  • New Play Maker Actions


  • Play Service version updated
  • Stability improvements


  • Play Maker Actions fix
27 May 2014
20.53 MB
21 May 2014
16.55 MB
18 May 2014
19.51 MB
13 May 2014
16.54 MB
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11 May 2014
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10 May 2014
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30 Apr 2014
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24 Apr 2014
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14 Mar 2014
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11 Mar 2014
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15 Feb 2014
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