Android Native plugin does not override the main activity, so it should not have any issues with any other Android plugin you are going to use.

However, we rely on Google API like supportv4 lib or goog gms services. Android Native Plugin is shipped with a set of already downloaded google libraries it was tested with, those libraries are disabled by default and will be installed only if you enable Android Native API that has an external library requirement. Potentially if you have a plugin that uses the same libraries you may have a duplicate library conflict If this case, if you use few different Android plugins in your project, we recommend you enable the Unity Jar Resolver option.  When working in this mode Android Native will not install any libraries, it will generate XML dependencies list for the jar resolver instead.

That is up to you to choose work with or without Unity Jar Resolver. The plugin will support both ways. But if you going to use a few different plugins from different vendors in your project we strongly recommend to use Jar Resolver and avoid using Android Plugins that do not support this option.

Our goal not to limit you in your development, and only give you the ability to focus on things that make your project unique and leave the native part to us. 2 different plugins conflict could be huge pain and eat up a lot of time, that's why we putting huge amount of efforts to keep our product conflicts free. If you have a conflict that you can't resolve please do not hesitate to contact us at