How to use Android Native Pro

Once you have it imported into your project you are ready to go. Yea, it's that simple.

The next good step is to browse the plugin Editor UI. where you can manager features and settings. Open Editor UI using top menu item Stan's Assets -> Android -> Services.

The plugin has a number of different features. Each feature is related to a specific service.  So using approach should be something like this.

  • Browse service & feature.
  • Define feature you want to use.
  • Enable service related to that feature (provide an additional service configuration if needed).
  • Read feature documentation and check out the code samples.
  • Add feature implementation to your project.

Plugin Editor UI

  1. Setting the window menu. 
  2. Service API state. 
  3. Service name. It's also clickable label, if you will click on it, it will reveal an additional service UI.
  4. Short service description, so you know what it does and what kind of feature you can expect inside.
  5. Expand service guides. Use it as quick access to service documentation.

And as I said before if you will click o service name, you will be redirected to a service page. Every service page also has some default sections. Let's talk about it based on Local Notifications service. 

  • Getting Started. List of service guides to get you started quickly. 
  • Requirements. List of the requirement's for this service to work. All requirements will be configured automatically when you build your project, so this section does not require you to do anything manually, it's more for you to be aware of what's will be added to your project if this service is going to be enabled. 
  • Supported Platforms. List of the platforms supported by a service.


Settings tab will contain different plugin setting you can modify. It's recommended to be used only by advanced users. We also try to include a description for every setting we have. But if you will have any questions, always feel free to get in touch. The settings tab will look similar to the screenshot below: