Popups & Preloaders

Android Native provides an API to display native android popups and preloaders.

For example, if you need to show a preloader simply use:

using SA.Android.App;

var progress = new AN_ProgressDialog(AN_DialogTheme.Default);
progress.Title = "Progress";
progress.Message = "Some Progress Message";

//let's juts hide it in 2 seconds
SA_Coroutine.WaitForSeconds(2f, () => {


With Android Native dialogs you can create object base on AlertDialog android class. There also default themes you may use to make dialogs look better with your app UI:

public enum AN_DialogTheme
    Default = 0,
    Light = 1,
    Material = 2,
    Material_Light = 3

For example, to create a simple message you can use:

var message = new AN_AlertDialog(AN_DialogTheme.Material);
message.Title = "Message";
message.Message = "Some message text";
message.SetPositiveButton("Okay", () => {
    AN_Logger.Log("message: ok button was clicked");


Or a dialog:

var dialog = new AN_AlertDialog(AN_DialogTheme.Light);
dialog.Title = "Dialog";
dialog.Message = "Some dialog text";

dialog.SetPositiveButton("Yes", () => {
    AN_Logger.Log("dialog: Yes button was clicked");

dialog.SetNegativeButton("No", () => {
    AN_Logger.Log("dialog: No button was clicked");


You can also create a more complicated Rate Us Dialog for your app