You may find some plugin setting that might be useful for you by opening a settings tab:

Log Level

We recommend you to keep full logging level while your project in development mode. Full communication logs between Native plugin part & Unity side will be only available with Info logging level enabled. Disabling the error logs isn't recommended.

WTF Logging. On some Android devices, Log.d or Log.e methods will not print anything to console, so sometimes the only ability to see the logs is to enable the WTF printing. This will make all logs to be printed with method despite message log level.

Environment Management

Auto Manifest Managment.  The Android Native plugin will alter manifest automatically for your convenience. But in case you want to do it manually, you may untogle the checkbox below.

The plugin manifest is located under Assets/Plugins/StansAssets/NativePlugins/AndroidNativePro/Android/Core/an_library.bundle/AndroidManifest.xml

Unity Jar Resolver.  The Android Resolver plugin will download and integrate Android library dependencies and handle any conflicts between plugins that share the same dependencies. The Resolver is an additional third-paty plugin. You need to download, install and configure it Before Android Native will able to rely on this plugin and disable internal libraries. More about Jar Resolver.