Wheel Picker Dialog

The AN_WheelPickerDialog is a simple dialog containing native NumberPicker for Android. This component allows your app user to pick any data from wheel picker that you want.

using SA.Android.App;

First al all you need to set data for our picker and then create a new instance of it:

var values = new List{"Test 1", "Test 2", "Test 3"};
AN_WheelPickerDialog picker = new AN_WheelPickerDialog(m_Values);

Then just call Show() to show your picker:

picker.Show((pickerResult) =>
    UM_WheelPickerResult result;
        var pickerValue = pickerResult.Value;
        result = new UM_WheelPickerResult(pickerValue);
        result = new UM_WheelPickerResult(pickerResult.Error);

It will be looking like this:

Also, don't forget to check if you using Android platform as current build.