Animated Zombie Pack

Animated Zombie Pack

Price: $50
Version: 1.45
Category: Characters

Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.

This package includes three types of zombies. It comes with 12 textures in total (all 1024*1024), only diffuse maps. The zombies have 1500-2000 tris. Fully animated, including idle, walk, shamble, fall to face, fall to back, crawl, attack, getting hit, run and zombie-run. 


New: super low poly (700 tri) versions with less bones also in the pack! 

Use space to spawn more zombies and left click to shoot. They will attack the cube, but they can't destroy it. 

NOTE: It seems to be a common misunderstanding among my buyers, so just to clarify: this asset is the zombie graphics: models, textures, animations. Their behavior scripts are only there to showcase them (I am not a programmer). You still have to program your own scripts if you want them follow the player, take damage, or do whatever zombies do.


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