Anti-Cheat Toolkit

Anti-Cheat Toolkit

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Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACTk) designed to let you add some extra pain to the guys who cheat / hack / crack something in your game.

Includes various anticheat tricks and techniques in one place, easy to use, with detailed docs and corner cases care.

WebGL demo available!

== Common features ==
Protects variables in memory.
Protects and extends PlayerPrefs.
Detects speedhacks with false positives care.
Detects 3 common types of wallhacks.
Detects foreign managed assemblies.
See details below.

== Obscured Types ==
Keeps your sensitive variables away from all memory scanners and searchers (Cheat Engine, Game CIH, ArtMoney, etc.)!
All basic and few Unity-specific types are covered.
Tampering detection included!
See intro tutorial.

== Obscured Prefs ==
PlayerPrefs replacement with automatic migration, encryption and additional supported types.
All saved data can be optionally locked to device.
Tampering detection included!
See intro tutorial.

== Speed Hack Detector ==
Makes you aware of nasty cheaters trying to slow down or speed up your game.
Correctly reacts to the time glitches.
See intro tutorial.

== WallHack Detector ==
Covers 3 common types of wallhacks:
• shoot through the walls
• walk through the walls
• look through the walls
Uses generic sandbox approach allowing to detect unknown cheats.
See intro tutorial.

== Injection Detector ==
Reacts on foreign managed assemblies both injected at runtime or to the build.
See intro tutorial.

== Overall highlights ==
Doesn't require Unity Professional.
Works with micro mscorlib and IL2CPP.
Has detailed readme with examples and tips.
Has full API documentation.
Has full sources!

== Third-party plugins section ==
• full Opsive's Behavior Designer support
• partial PlayMaker support (see forum)
storage backend at the Mad Level Manager
• used in Stan’s Android Native asset
• used in Stan’s Ultimate Mobile asset

Please, check readme.pdf after purchase!

I don't guarantee your game will be 100% safe from cheaters if you'll use my toolkit.
Skilled and motivated cheater is able to break any protection!

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