General project structure

General project structure 

  • FX – Contais all special FX, like stars, explosions, etc.
  • Materials – Contais all textures and materials
  • Models – Contais all 3D models
  • Scripts – Contais all scripts
  • Sounds – Contais all sounds
  • Level – Main game scene. Game happens there indeed.
  • Menu – Scene with main menu 


Main game objects

  • Bullet – object instantiated, when player press Fire button. Include all
  • necessary scripts and FX
  • EnemyEmmiter – Object, that create and push enemies to player. Include all necessary scripts and FX.
  • Asteroid, SpikeBall - object instantiated by EnemyEmmiter. Actually they are enemies. Include all necessary scripts and FX
  • Environment – non-playable objects, those create background, lights, stars, etc.
  • GameConditions – Virtual object that contains main game variables, like initial level length (Level Time), music, etc.
  • GUI – Contains all user interface elements.
  • Player – the player avatar itself. Includes all necessary scripts, models and FX. Included Shooter object - contains script that allow Player shoot to enemies. 


Some important scripts variables



  • LifeTime – time after which bullet will be destroyed

  • EnemyCost - How much points player obtain for each destroyed enemy


  • Enemy – list of objects to instantiate

  • EnemySpeed – speed of enemies

  • FireRate – how often will enemies generated

  • EnGenRange – in which diapason will they generated

  • IncComplexityTime - time after which complexity will be increased

  • Complexity increment – how much complexity will be increased


  • CurrentDetonator – explosion FX object

  • Life – how many time need to hit enemy to destroy


  • Level time - like initial level length

  • StarSost - how much points need to earn to receive 1 star-award


  • XLimit, Ylimit – limits for players movement

  • MaxLife – player life how many time need to collide with enemy to destroy


  • Bullet - objects to instantiate

  • Speed - bullet speed

  • FireRate – how often can player shoot