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Dear Unity Developer,

Unity is blessed with an active and helpful community. Sharing the love helps us all, and that’s what Unity user groups are about.
Today, there are thriving Unity user groups in game development hubs and metropolitan areas all over the world, some with more than 1,000 members. More likely than not, there’s one near you. To find your nearest Unity user group, check out the Unity User Group Page, or search Meetup  and Facebook..
Read on to learn more about what you can get out of attending a Unity user group, and get tips on starting one!


Get feedback, get work, get Unity skills.

 When Adam Proctor of Uken Games started the Toronto Unity User Group in August 2013, fifty people arrived for the first meetup. Just sixteen months later, the group has grown to number some 620+ individuals drawn from across Toronto’s vibrant game development scene.
They get together to share and feedback, provide each other with help and support and to find people to work with. Read more about Adam and the Toronto Unity User Group on the blog!

How to start your own group

We do everything we can to help and support our user groups: by dropping by and presenting, by putting user groups in contact with Unity partners and, where we can, by providing practical assistance.

Unity’s UK evangelist, Joe Robins, recently helped found a Unity user group in sunny Manchester. If there’s no Unity user group near you, why not start one? If you’re up for it, Joe has plenty of tips and ideas to share.

Gimmie Goodies - Intel tablets, SSD’s and Unity Pro licenses

In Unity 4.6 we introduced x86 support for Android devices like Google’s new Nexus player. To celebrate, Intel is providing Unity developers with the chance to win more than $20,000-worth of tablets and SSD’s, and we’re giving away 5 Unity Pro licenses.

Just add x86 support, publish to the Google Play store including the phrase “Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices” in your app description and complete this form to enter the draw.

For full details, visit the Unity forum.

Racing against a baby

Lastly, to put you in good cheer, here’s a seasonal success story starring a newborn child, a game-dev couple and the free version of Unity. Happily, it ends happily ever after.

Made with Unity

Threes! by Sirvo llc
How can something so simple be so awesome? Apple made Threes! their iPhone game of the year, calling it “one of the finest number puzzlers we've ever played... big on charm and clever concepts.” Monument Valley took the iPad Game of the Year crown.
Check it out

Last Life by Double Fine

The newsletter should probably declare a personal interest in this game – I’ve preordered it. Well, not the newsletter itself obviously, but... In any case, if you’re in any way a fan of sci-fi, this is the game for you too. Now, I just have to find out what transhumanist means…

Check it out

Mushroom 11 by Untame

 Mushroom 11 has been getting rave reviews and justly so. This completely new take on platformer game play is so intuitive and fun, it’s hard to believe it’s taken this long for someone to come up with it.

Check it out
Keep creating!
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