Integration Oculus VR in Unity3d

Integration Oculus VR in Unity3d

 Time passes and things change, including games, precise approach to their creation. Now there are new things such as virtual reality helmets Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, various types of motion controllers Razer Hydra, Sixense STEM and many other tools to help dive into virtual reality. This article will clearly dismantled integration Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra in Unity3d.  Rather controller Hydra, which was released in 2011. This device makes it possible not only to obtain information about the slope and deviations controller  and also the coordinates of each of them in space. At that time there was not really games tailored to the capabilities of the hydra and many have forgotten about it, but it took time and was shown Oculus Rift, which allows you to plunge into previously uncharted virtual reality. And for a greater sense of need to have at least control the movements of the arms and then comes to help the forgotten Razer Hydra.  Razer has already forgotten about the device itself and the driver was not updated for a long time and so they do not provide the SDK, but it makes the company Sixense who actually developed the technology to download the latest driver must go to their forum, where you have to choose the latest version of Motion Creator, download and install.

With the Oculus Rift, easier, it doesn't require drivers, but you need to download the latest version of the SDK, you can do so by clicking on the link, but you must register to download.


After installation, we need to make our devices work in Unity3d.
Razer Hydra.  You must run Unity3d, open your project or create a new one, go to the Asset Store (Ctrl + 9 hotkey), find it SixenseUnityPlugin, download and import.

Now let's import the package SDK Oculus, for this we need to copy the file from the File Folder

\{"way to SDK"}\ovr_unity_{The version number}_lib\OculusUnityIntegration file named

Now you need to try it all in action. To do this, create a stage on which to start the post Terrain, First Person Controller.

 To make Razer Hydra Hydra worked, you will need to add to the scene object SixenseInput folder / SixenseInput  in project








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