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If you're a programmer, game designer, texture artist, 3D modeler or sound designer, we will be happy to be your publisher. You can share and sell your creations with everybody. You can sell 3D models, scripts, audio and any other types of content. 


Once your submission is reviewed, and added to the marketplace. You’ll receive a 80% cut of each sale, which we pay out quarterly, you can read more about how to get paid here. Don’t forget to read the default EULA  that covers end-user use of the assets you sell.  You can always watch your selling progress by visiting the sales page of your profile. In order to get paid you need fill in all required information and choose your payment method in the Payout profile section.


1. First of all you need to get Union Assets account, if you do not have it yet, you can create one here.

2. Sing into your account, and go to the  Manage assets menu as shown on the screenshot below:


Under the Manage section, you can create or update your products. Let's create new one by pressing the add button:


This is how you sell a product. Let's say you wanted to sell a military truck model.  First of all select main and sub category for the product. In the case of the truck, the main category is 3D Models, and sub category is Vehicles. If you think that we missing main or sub category for your product, do not hesitate to contact us.


Fill other fields to correspond to you package content.

Filter List -  Specifying additional filters will help users to find your assets much quicker. Eatch category has pre-defined filter list. The same as with the assets category if you feel that you need an additional filter, let us know. The screenshot below shows how searching for an - asset can be simplified by using the filters:

Title - Asset Title.

Summary -  You can consider it as short description of your product. The summary will be show with the medium preview of your asset.


Description -  The description of your product. By writing a compelling description in clear English you increase the chances of your asset being downloaded or purchased. Remember that your customers aren’t familiar with your package, so you need to describe it thoroughly and accurately. For example, it’s a good idea to include polygon counts for models, and indicate whether or not your content is rigged, animated, etc.

Slug - This is your package URL. It will be generated automatically.

Price - Set the price of your assets. A price of $0 will indicate that product is free.

Tag List -  Tagging your product is not anecessary step, but it can boost your search results as well. 


Click thr Create button when you finish with your product initial info. You will see new assets created and associated with your profile. Click the Edit button to fill final package info.

The rest of the information can be specified in the edit mode, in the following tabs:


Features - Main information of your product which was specified in the perioust steps. 

Image - The cover images for your package. You need to upload 3 cover images.  Icon (75x75), Small banner (250x175) and Big banner (800x400).

Media - Under the media tab, you can add more Screenshot of your product and youtube video reviews. 

Manuals -  If using your product requires documentation, you can use Union Assets as your documentation hub. Created documentation will looks similar to this:

Versions - You need to upload at least one version of your product. You can use any version number system you like.  Use  *.unitypackage file if you selling content related for Unity, and *.zip for the another type of content. If you want to use another package format, feel free to contact us with the explanation why you think this file format will be most convenient for your customers.

 Once you done with your package info, you can submit the package for review. If you can attest to owning the rights to selling (or giving away for free) these assets, just go back to the Features tab and press Submit for review button. Your package will now enter Pending Review status and the vetting process will begin. When your package has been approved, its status will change to Published and it will be live in the Asset Store! If your package is not approved, the status of the package will change to Declined. If this is the case, update your package based on the comments sent to you and resubmit it. 

If you want to update the package you can upload a new version. Sending a package for review is not necessary anymore, you need to pass the review only once. You can add articles and new versions without sending package for review. However, assets can be blocked if any of Union Assets marketplace rules will be violated. 

After the submission

After the submission, Union Assets Team will review your package. We will make sure that you have complied with the basic requirements: is the preview data ok, is there any documentation included and does the demo scenes play as intended and so on. We will also assess the quality of your asset, and if necessary, give you feedback about possible bugs in your code or quality issues in your 3Dmodels.

Subsequently you will receive an acceptance letter or general feedback, depending on whether your asset has been approved or not.

 Other Questions

Please feel free to contact us, - if you need further assistance. We look forward to seeing your submission!





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