Cartoon Plants Pack

Cartoon Plants Pack

Price: $25
Version: 1.1
Category: Vegetation

Requires Unity 4.2.2 or higher.

Update: Bones and vines added. 

Cartoony, stylized, low poly plants, perfect for a more light-hearted fantasy or rpg game (like some of the most popular MMO-s). Reed, mushrooms, ground plants, berry bushes, pine, palm and regular trees, cactus, bamboo and water lilies are all yours to create a stunning fantasy forest, desert or meadow. 


Textures are 256*256 to 512*512 png pictures. Meshes are in the 200-2000 triangles range. 
The plants mostly use unity's default "Nature/Soft Occlusion Leaves" shader, otherwise they are simple low poly meshes without any "tricks". The example scene was tried on a Samsung Galaxy 3 and it went okay (a bit slow, but it also featured realtime shadows and terrain. Without these, it was ~30 fps). 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at kalamona01 at gmail dot com.


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