Competitive Combat AI

Competitive Combat AI

Price: $100
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 4.28 MB
Category: AI

Requires Unity 4.5.2 or higher.

This toolkit is designed to cover most of the common combat AI functions including: Evading incoming bullets automatically,
Bypassing obstacles automatically. 
Patrol around automatically or manually in the range you set. 
Choosing whether to push forward or retreat. 
Find the advancing and retreating path automatically.
More importantly you can set the happening rate of those features to create your fully customizable AI. 
Also it includes most of the common firing modes(such as tracing bullet, scattered bullet, bounced bullet and etc).

Those functions are going to create an extremely competitive AI which will challenge player and improve your game's playability to the next level because most AI packages don't have functions such as bullet evading, finding retreating route automatically and etc. More importantly, it's very straight forward to setup different types of AI by this package because all you need to do is to twist those variables in the inspector menu, and no extra script is needed.

Full C# source code and detailed instruction are included.


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