Critter Pack

Critter Pack

Price: $30
Version: 1.85
Category: Characters

Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.

This is a critter pack, small animals that are part of the environment. Spider, rat, snake, frog, turtle, snail, butterfly, dragonfly, and bumblebee (new additions: cockroach, worm, bat and squirrel). Most of them have extra textures, adding additional variety. 


Larger animals have 4 animations (move, idle, idle2, die), while smaller animals just have a move animation. All animals are skinned meshes, and all require one draw call to draw (no multi-material or multiple meshes per animal). They are also very low poly (300-ish per larger critters, 10 per small), and don't have many bones (around 10 per big animal, smallers are just 2-4). So altogether they don't take much resources and a lot of them can be on the screen simultaneously. 

Textures are 256 pixels on larger ones, 64 on smaller ones. 

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to post in the Critter Pack forum thread.

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