Quick start

If functionality of demo is enough – you can create your game really fast and easily just using prefabs.
All basic prefabs you can find in folder _EasyPlatformer/_Prefabs, main of it is _Player.prefab. So create new empty
scene and drag and drop _Player.prefab to it – platformer game is functional already, but you obviously will want to
adjust some things:

- Add some ground, platforms and obstacles pay attention to Z coordinate) - it can be any GameObjects with Collider.
- Update player visual model by putting it as child of Player object and setting its new Avatar to Animator component.

- To change animations – just select player Animation controller and open Animator window in Unity:

Now select action, which animation you want to update and drag new animation clip to Motion property.

- Drag and drop AI prefab to scene and adjust it (if needed) in the same way as player
- You can add new dynamic objects (like moving platforms, pickups, etc) simple by dragging related prefabs to scene.