Simple help script allowing to tune AI parameters in attached AI_Controller easier.
This script is suitable for current (template) realisation of AI_Controller. If you will change AI_Controller - please update this script accordingly

Average structure looks like: 

  • updateOnStartOnly - Allow to specify should parameters be updated OnStartOnly or every frame
  • AIController - Link to main AI script to tune
  • life - Initial/max amount of life
  • lifeCriticalPercent - How less life is critical (AI will try to runaway for healing)
  • allyToFollow - If specified - AI will follow this object/character
  • idleDuration - How long should Idle-state be
  • movementSpeed - Speed of movement
  • seekingSpeed - For Seeking-state - how fast AI will look around 
  • enablePatrol - If true - AI will patrol territory instead of simple Seeking
  • patrolDistance - Max distance of movement in one patrolling step
  • attackObjectsWithTag - Tag of object, that regarded as enemy
  • enableRangedAttack - Enable range attack. Only mele is allowed if false
  • attackDamage - Damage per one attack
  • attackSpeed - How often will AI try to hit enemy
  • runawayRangeMultiplier - Multiplier that allows to increase max distance oto run away from enemy
  • healingSpeed - How fast will AI use healing ability if damaged
  • healingLifeAmount - How much healt should be restored at once
  • delayBeforeDead - How much time AI should wait before destroying itself (useful for death animation)