Easy AI System

  • AI_Controller AI_Controller
    Main script, that controls/manage all AI states and requests related actions (and animations). Script also conected to PathFinding system, it handles navigation activity.
  • AI_Sensor AI_Sensor
    This script checks and saves tagged object collided with this one. It allows getting tag of triggeredObject
  • AI_Tuner AI_Tuner
    Simple help script allowing to tune AI parameters in attached AI_Controller easier.
  • PathFinding PathFinding
    Main script of this Path finding system. Calculates (find) path automatically or according to specified rules Generates array of waypoints (around obstacles) until target will be reached
  • PathFollowing PathFollowing
    This is example script to follow path. It manages waypointed path from pathFinding Script and move object along it.


Getting Started

  • Overview Overview
    This system allows you to easily implement quite complex AI (artificial intelligence) behavior for any enemies or allies in your game.