Easy doors, chests and traps

Easy doors, chests and traps

Price: $5
Version: 1.0
Size: 12.2 MB
Category: Scripting

Requires Unity 4.3.1 or higher.

This is a light weight powerful system that helps you create functional doors, chests, traps etc just within couple minutes. 
It will help you create any kind of door (or similar triggered events) you need. 

The system allows: 
• To control which objects can open the door or trigger a trap 
• Any custom animations to be assigned 
• Different sounds FX to be triggered according to actions 
• Lock door with custom code 
• Automatic opening, closing and/or locking 
• Button and object triggered actions 
• Integrated combination-lock etc to be assigned
• etc 

This system works on all platforms supported by Unity. 


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