Basic features

How to create elements

There are few ways depending on your purposes and existing assets. The easiest one . just drag'n'drop prefab to the scene (default prefabs folder is: _EasyGUI_/_EasyGUI_System/_Default_Prefabs_/_Elements). You also can create element using wizard for specific element type: MainMenu -> Tools -> EGUI -> Create Template 
As instance - for Button you'll get:

This will create template element of chosen type, so you will need to go to Hierarchy/Inspector windows to adjust it.
Last option is - creating new GameObject, adding EGUI_Element (all custom EGUI-element like EGUI_Button) script
and adjusting all elements parameters including children creation/setup. In the similar way you can create absolutely new elements type, but you'll need to create new JavaScript class that extends EGUI_Element or it successor.


Basic element parameters

There are list of common parameters for all elements (custom types can have additional properties as well) :

  • KeepAspect - Object will try to keep it Aspect ratio (in XY)
  • Locked - Reject all ingame actions of the object
  • HorizontalAlignment - Current horizontal Alignment type
  • VerticalAlignment - Current vertical Alignment type
  • Alignment - Relative (-0.5 ... 0.5) custom alignment
  • AlignOnStart - Align object on start
  • AlignedDrag - Respect alignment settings when user drag object
  • Draggable - Object can be dragged in game
  • DragOutside - Allow object to be dragged outside of parent-object bounds
  • ElementSkin - Element appearance preset
  • CustomAnimations - Use custom animations for object states