How to use

First of all you should create EGUI_Manager. Each scene with eGUI should have object with EGUI_Manager component attached. Moreover all EGUI_Elements should be children of this object. You can create using menu MainMenu → Tools → EGUI → Create Manager:


As alternative – you can Drag'n'Drop prefab of EGUI_Manager from Project window to scene (default prefabs folder is:
_EasyGUI_/_EasyGUI_System/_Default_Prefabs_). Also you can just create new empty game object and add EGUI_Manager component to it.

Next (but optional) step is adjusting EGUI_Manager:
Specify XML-files with info about GUISkin and GUIAnimations. If you don't have them you can create them using built-in editors – just press AdvancedSettings button(in Inspector) to show them. In Advanced settings you also can change it Layer, specify another camera and AudioSource to be used for eGUI (by
default system will use automatically created components attached to the EGUI_Manager object).

Now you can bring GUI elements/Windows to scene and/or compose your own menus (Default windows prefabs
can be found there: _EasyGUI_/_EasyGUI_System/_Default_Prefabs_/_Windows). Please don't forget - all EGUI_Elements should be children of EGUI_Manager)