How To Use

Packege Is ready to work right after the import.

You will find localization files under

“Extensions/Easy Localization/Resources/Localization”


How to set language:

By default curent language is System default. But you can change it in one line of code

Example: Setting French Language



How to get localize string:

Example:  getting localized  greeting

string greeting = Localization.getLocalizedString("hello");


How to get localized string from another file

Example:  getting localized  greeting string from dialogs localization

string greeting = Localization.getLocalizedString("hello", “Dialogs”);



General settings:

You can modifay this setting at runtime or before game start.

LocalizationSettings.GENERAL_PATH = "Localization/"; // default loaction of localization files, full path (Asset/Resources/Localization)

LocalizationSettings.DEFAULT_LANG_FILE = "Default"; // dafault name of localization file. 

LocalizationSettings.DEFAULT_LANGUAGE = "en"; // Default language, will be used if system language not supported