Components/scripts description

ManageMap component

Main script that processes the Map texture. Simulates "FogOfWar" for unvisited territories and uncover map smoothly.
Script also allows to convert positions from real world to relative map-texture coordinates

Player - Transform of object that can uncover the map
mapTexture - Initial map texture
mapOrientation - Current Map/World plane orientation
brushSize - Uncover-brush size
hotSpotSize - Hot spot of uncover-brush (visibility is 100%)
updateDistance - Minimum player offset from previous position to trigger map update


DrawMap component

Sample script that allows you to visualize Map processed in ManageMap component (auto-update
and popup descriptions included)
Also it can draw additional maps-elements (like landmarks) and update them according to objects
position in game-world.

mapManager - Link to object with ManageMap component
guiMap - GUITexture that will be used for map rendering
key - Key to show/hide the map
mapElements - List of map-elements to process and render