Setup new Map (step-by-step)

1. Create a new GameObject and add the ManageMap component to it (blue gizmo will appear).
2. In Scene view scale the object to cover whole territory you have/want have on map (blue gizmo
will help you to see the limits).

3. Optional – create a map texture based on real game world.
Make a Print Screen of selected area (only area inside the blue rectangle/gizmo is needed) and save
it in separate file. Now you can edit/stylize the map as you want in any editor (like Photoshop)

4. Import your map texture to the Unity.
Use Texture Type: Advanced and set Read/Write enabled checkbox.

5. Assign your Player-object and imported map-texture to related properties of ManageMap
component. Setup Map Orientation (depends on orientation of your game world) and Brush-size
properties if needed.

6. Time to visualize the map:
- Assign DrawMap component to the same object.
- Create a GUITexture (you want to use as map). It's really worth to set X and Y of PixelInset
property to negative value equivalent to half of W(width) and H(heigth).
- Put the link to this GUITexture to GuiMap property of DrawMap component.


7. If needed – setup map-elements:
- Increase MapElements Size (of DrawMap component) according to number of map- elements
you want to have
- Setup elements: assign Caption, Icon and IconSize
- Set link to game-element (corresponding to the map-element) to Target property
- Set AutoUpdate property to true if corresponding GameObject can change its position
- Set Active to true if menu-element should be active/visible initialy