Basic scripts description


This is the main script to handle objects pool.
Script allows to create pool of pre-seted objects (in needed quantity) and handle their extraction or pooling back
If needed. You can add any object to pool. It’s better to use PooledObject script with objects to add.

Average structure looks like: 

  • PreloadObjects - List of objects that should be preloaded to the pool Each element of this list has next properties to setup:

customName - Specify custom name if you want all instances to be renamed

objectPrefab - Prefab to instantiate and pool

quantity - Quantity of instances

addAutoPoolScript - Add script to pool object back automatically. I.e. objects with this script will be pooled back to pool onDIsable automatically.

  • Pool – Internal array of all stored objects 



Service script for pooled objects or objects to pool.
Script allow to pool objects to custom (or parent) pool manualy or onDisable.

Average structure looks like:

  • parentPool - Link to PoolManager to add object
  • poolOnDisable - Set true if you want to pool object automatically on Disable even