Basic Features


Main script. Use this script for any pickups (like medkit, ammo etc) creation.
If attached to object - it will seek for target object and move to it. Pickup will be absorbed by target object on collision. Pickup will send sendValue to target's callFunction (use this to increase parameters in it)

Average structure looks like:

  • Target - Absorber target
  • autoCollect - Find and move to target if it's in activeDistance
  • activeDistance - Radius in which it will see target
  • speed - Movement speed
  • lifeTime - Life time. Infinite if <=0
  • callFunction - Name of target function to apply sendValue
  • sendValue - Value applied to target's callFunction
  • wreck - This object will be created onDestroy 



Use this script to simulate any pickup holders (like chest for example). It also can be used to any other holders and emitters. There are several different conditions for emitting: manually, onDestruction, byTimer, onOpenning, onCollision

Average structure looks like:

  • emittingCondition - Emitting conditions of predefined types:
  • justOnePerEvent - Emit only one pickup per event (EmittPickups call) 
  • positionShift - Shift initial pickup position to this value
  • timer - Emit after this time (if EmittingType is byTimer)
  • locked - Emitting is prohibited if locked=true (if EmittingType is onOpenning)
  • wreck - Wreck object for pickup holder
  • pickups - Full list of pickups "inside" this pickup holder
  • randomEmittingOrder - If true - will randomize generation order of pickups from the list 



Script allows animating (move or rotate) object according to simple list of rules

Average structure looks like:

  • cycled - Is whole list of movements cycled (i.e. after las movement in list it starts play the firsr)
  • movements - List of all movements, of next structure:
direction - Direction of movement, or axis along which it will be rotated (if isRotation = true) 
isRotation - Is it Rotation or movement
speed - Speed of movement/rotation
cycleTime - How long will one cycle of movement/rotation (skip action if 0)
cycles - How much cycles of this movement/rotation should be (skip action if 0) 
endTime - Internal variable - your input does not influence on it