This is a perfect solution if you need to implement some pickups (like med-kits, ammo-packs etc) in your game. Moreover the system allows simulating any pickup holders (like chest for example) and can be used for loot generation from enemies.
System is extremely easy to setup and tune, so jus in couple minutes - you may have pickups/loot/etc in your game. 


Some other cool features:

1)  Cool animator script allows setup simple but cool animations (like rotation or floating) for your


2)  System allows spawning FX (particle prefab / playing sound / etc) once picked up

3)  Pickup can be collected automatically (for example if player close enough) or even move to gatherer

4)  Pickup can send to your object (that gathers it) to act accordingly

5)  There are several useful conditions of emitting (for pickups holders): manually, onDestruction,

byTimer, onOpenning, onCollision.

This system works on all platforms supported by Unity3D.