WaypointMover script description

The most important script. It manages waypointed path from waypointsHolder and move object (to which it’s attached) along the path.
Script also allows to setup different following and looping types for movement.

Average structure looks like:

Parameters description:

  • WaypointsHolder - Move along the path holded in this WaypointsHolder

  • FollowingType - Choose one of following type to use:

Simple       - Just move object as it is (without any rotation or dumping)
Facing       - Roughly face object on current waypoint
SmoothFacing - Face object on current waypoint and adapt path smoothly
  • Looping Type - Choose one of looping type to use:
Once         - Only one cycle
Cycled       - Infinite amounts of cycles
PingPong     - Move object in another direction when it gets first/last point of path
SeveralTimes - Repeat loop specified number of loops
  • IgnorePositionAtAxis - Ignore waypoint position along those axis

  • Damping - Smooth facing/movement value

  • MovementSpeed - Speed of object movement along the path

  • WaypointActivationDistance - How far should object be to waypoint for its activation and choosing new

  • NumberOfLoops - How much loops should be performed before stop. Use this parameter if loopingType = SeveralTimes

  • PreventCollisionDistance - If more than 0 - Mover will suspend movement if there is any obstacle on this distance (in front of him)