Events Pro

Events Pro

Price: $25
Version: EP 1.0
Size: 438 KB
Category: Utilities

Events Pro is a fast and flexible event system, built on C# delegates. With built-in editor extension. Visual will help you to see structure of your running game in real time, and will help with profiling, bug fixing and optimizing. 

Event Graph features: 
* Searching 
* Positions remembering
* dispatch / dispatchEvent
* Three Collapsing modes 
* Branches 
* Overloaded listener detection 
* Forgotten listener detection 
* Listeners leaking detection 
Event System main features: 
* addEventListener 
* removeEventListener
* dispatch / dispatchEvent
* stopPropagation / stopImmediatePropagation 
* Events can be dispatched by string or int Ids 
* Two types of listener functions avaliable



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