Events Profiling

This extension was designed not only for visualizing your game events, but to help you profile your events.

You can find few examples of how to use it below.


Overloaded listener.

In result of some game action’s we have the same listener added twice. That’s very  easy to find this kind of issue with Events Pro. If Event listened more that one time for the same listener function of the same class. Event link will become red.

Besides you can compare count of event being dispatched, and listener got called. See the picture below.



Forgotten Listener.

The gameobject with listener class was deleted, but listener, wasn’t. In that case you will get very dangerous situation, because listener class that was attached to gameobject still alive and can get events.

Picture below will illustrate grap reaction, if this kind of situation happens.



Memory Leaking.

This two easy ways how you detect memory leaking.

1) If after you finish “Playing” your game, you still see some active elements in the graph. This mean that probably your forgot to remove listener on game object destroy.



2) If while your game running you can see that number of listeners is increasing or simply if there is more listeners  than should be,  you can be sure that you have a listener's leak. Usually listeners leaking happens on scene changing.


Unnecessary listener.

For example you have monsters who listening mouse events. But you do need them to do this when you in pause mode. In Event Graph you see every single event that is dispatches, so you can analyze your game by looking on event graph. As result you will cut some listeners according to game current game state, etc, and save some performance!