Farm Game 2D Pack

Farm Game 2D Pack

Price: $25
Version: 1.2
Category: 2D & Isometric Tiles

NEW update v1.2! Farm props added! Enjoy! 

Please keep us informed what you would like to see in this pack in future updates! 

Live Web Demo 1 | Live Web Demo 2 

Great pack for your Farm game. Perfect for mobile free to play games: 

  • 8 Animals(Fully animated) - Cow,Sheep,Horse,Goat,Pig,Dog,Cat,Chicken - Each animal with unique animations - walking,idle,sitting - also many animals have special animations when they are "done" and waiting to be harvested. Animated in Unity using Macanim. You can add your own animations if you wish.
  • 5 Animal product icons
  • 27 Farm props - Roads,Fences,Bences,Pond, etc.
  • 15 Vegetables - Each with 3 stages of maturity (seed, grown, mature). Each vegetable has its own Icon also.
  • 5 Trees - With 6 types of Fruit. 2 stages ( blooming, mature). Each fruit has its own Icon also.
  • 3 Bushes - With 5 types of Fruit. 2 stages (blooming,mature). Each fruit has its own Icon also. 
  • 2 Fields - With and without grass.
  • 1 Background
  • 153 Graphic Assets Total


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