1. Get your API Keys

Start by creating an app. Once you create the app, you’ll receive a Flurry API Key, which you’ll need when using the SDK.

Sign up  or  Create an App

2. Fill up plugin editor settings.

Open Plugin settings at:

Window -> Stan's Assets -> Flurry -> Edit Settings

IOS Application Key. Your IOS App API key. 

Android Application Key. Your Android App API key. 

Report Location. Flurry will track where your app is being used and report this back to you at the city level. Without this level of detail, Flurry will use the IP address of the user’s device and report this information at the country level.

Crash Reporting. Used to allow/disallow Flurry SDK to report uncaught exceptions.

Enable Flurry Logs. Use setLogEnabled to enable/disable internal Flurry SDK logging.

AndroidAapplication Permissions. Provides Information about your app manifest permissions. Please note that Flurry plugin is requiring following permissions to be in your android manifest:

  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION